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Cheddar Ales

A Beer Label with a Clear Difference

Cheddar Ales

Cheddar Ales pride themselves on making award-winning ales. Brewed on the slopes of the Mendip Hills, they wanted labels that conveyed the quality of their premium ales.

We needed a printer who could handle both small volume runs and large volume label runs. The great thing about Integrity Print's Ready, Willing & Label service, is that they can provide just that.

As an artisanal brewer and a relatively young brand, Cheddar Ales wanted a label printer who could support them through their growth. With a bottling capacity of 1200 bottles per hour, Cheddar Ales also needed a label printer who could flex their production up or down very quickly and in-line with Cheddars brewing cycles.

The Ready, Willing and label service is outstanding. We can get great quality labels produced and our Account Team go above and beyond for us.

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Cheddar Ales


February 24, 2016


Bottle Labels